my fashion story

Learning about fashion in school and having hands on sewing and creating opportunities served me well as fashion has always been a passion of mine. However, I never knew the intricacies and background information that is so important. I have come out of this class a more well rounded and informed fashionista adding to my already great breadth of knowledge and passion.

  I am a very unique individual. I prefer to not follow trends or become one of the masses. I have always wanted to stand out in my choice of fashion and be my own person. I wear what reflects me. I love wearing name brand designers and sweat pants are my go to. To me fashion is being comfortable and being confident.

 My love of fashion started at an extremely young age. I would flip vigorously through the pages of Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, FASHION, and others admiring the glamorous clothes that the stunning, long legged models would wear.

My influences and role models for fashions are my sister Mia, mother Judy and my late grandmother Florence, or as my sister and I called her, the “Toronto Style Icon.” Even though I did not know my grandmother when she was in her stylish hay-day, I feel as though I do from the stories that my mother has told me. Flo was a lady of fun and spunk, and through this managed to connect and maintain close-knit relationships with a few of the world’s greatest designers, including Yves Saint Laurent, Sonya Rikyel, and Zandra Rhodes. She was really my first fashion inspiration, encouraging me to dress and have fun with fashion. Years later, this would become the easiest way for me to express myself. As the years have gone on, my style has evolved. I like to call it ‘fashion anthropology.’ Stylistically right now I am on the ‘street-style’ grind; I love simple and sleek with pops of color and patterns.